Webshop update: Coba Martens & Walter Stoelwinder

Six new paintings added to the collection.

Not too long ago Ton visited Coba Martens and Walter Stoelwinder to look at paintings for the gallery and he came back with a beautiful collection. This week we added six new paintings to that collection. Two of the six new ones are sold already, so we are off to a great start! See them here and in our webshop:

Coba Martens: https://dutch-accent.nl/product-category/coba-martens/

Walter Stoelwinder: https://dutch-accent.nl/product-category/walter-stoelwinder/

Click on the photos for a link to the webshop…

Winterlandschap met telefoonpalen, Walter Stoelwinder, Landscape painting,

Winterlandschap met telefoonpalen – Walter Stoelwinder

Hahnenmoor, Niedersachsen, Walter Stoelwinder, landscape painting,

Hahnenmoor (Niedersachsen) – Walter Stoelwinder

Bomen in vroeg voorjaar, Walter Stoelwinder, landscape painting,

Bomen in vroeg voorjaar – Walter Stoelwinder

Jonge kraai (2) – Coba Martens – SOLD!

Jonge kraai, Coba Martens, bird painting,

Jonge kraai (3) – Coba Martens – SOLD!

Jonge huismus, Coba Martens, Young sparrow, bird painting,

Jonge huismus – Coba Martens