The Summer Collection

This summer we have a wonderful collection. Our Amsterdam art gallery is full of quality landscape paintings, cityscape paintings and more…

We still have familiar names like Anna Pavlova, Leo van der Vlist, Niels Schouten and Stella Burggraaf. We also have some new names with Cees Vegh, Gineke Zikken, Saskia Boelsums, Coba Martens, Walter Stoelwinder and the surreal collages by Tineke Sips.

See here an impression of the collection or feel free to come by for a cup of coffee and see it for yourself!

Anna Pavlova & Ginekke Zikken

Coba Martens & Walter Stoewinder

Niels Schouten

Niels Schouten, Coba Marten & Walter Stoelwinder

Niels Schouten, Leo van der Vlist & Cees Vegh

Saskia Boelsums & Cees Vegh

Stella Burggraaf

Tineke Sips

Tineke Sips