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New paintings by Ineke Mahieu

This week new paintings by Ineke Mahieu arrived at the gallery. See them here: Rode Bessen: https://dutch-accent.nl/product/rode-bessen-ineke-mahieu/ Duinlandschap: https://dutch-accent.nl/product/duinlandschap-ineke-mahieu/ Duinen: https://dutch-accent.nl/product/duinen-ineke-mahieu/ Blauwe Zonsondergang: https://dutch-accent.nl/product/blauwe-zonsondergang-ineke-mahieu/

Introduction: Geke Steenmetz

Last saturday Geke Steenmetz visited Dutch Accent to drop off 7 beautiful paintings. Luckily Ton decided to work yesterday (a sunday). Now there are only 6 paintings left of Geke, because 1 is already sold. Ermelose Heide. On Facebook Ton wrote: “This charming lady saved my afternoon. Except a few nice chats it was 0.00 in a […]

Introduction: Coba & Walter

We are very happy to introduce to you: Coba Martens & Walter Stoelwinder Ton Verdegaal has invited this couple to exhibit work in the gallery: Coba Martens (1956) was born in Drenthe on the Hondsrug. She moved to Friesland when she was twenty where she lived and worked for 25 years. After a 10 year […]

Introduction: Ineke Mahieu

We are very happy to introduce to you a new artist: Ineke Mahieu! Ineke Mahieu grew up in The Hague, near the coast. Besides her work as an author of historical children books, she has painted all here life.  She works in the tradition of the Dutch Impressionists  of the 19th century and loves to […]

These paintings are going to China

Chinese Dutch Accent… It is nevertheless a milestone, so worthwhile to mention: these paintings are heading for…….. China! Eight pieces: Leo van der Vlist (4x), Nop Briex (2x), Esther van der Sluis en Anneke van der Lende.