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A message from Ton Verdegaal

A message from Ton Verdegaal. Owner of Dutch Accent. Lots of art comes in at the moment. But also several paintings find a new owner. Therefore I like to show what was sold last sunday, a day I usually don’t work. Proud of these paintings, proud of and happy for the artists. After some years […]

Studio visit Niels Schouten

Dutch Accent in Tienhoven Sunday I organized a studio visit to one of our artists Niels Schouten. I was welcomed at the Pulitzer Hotel by my American guests and our driver Erik. It became a very special day with a beautiful ride to Tienhoven and back to Amsterdam.  

Dutch Spirit is gone…

Last week there was a lot of publicity around removing the artwork from Hugo Kaagman in the Berenstraat. The airbrush painting was next Dutch Accent on an extension of the house owned by our neighbor. Our neighbor who was very happy with the art piece on his house. But because of one complaint the city government decided […]