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New exhibition starts this Sunday!

This Sunday (03-06-2018) we are opening the new exhibition ‘Zaanse Polders’ with the great paintings by artist Stella Burggraaf. From 13h to 16h we welcome you to come and take a look at the exhibition. Stella will be present at this event, so it is a great opportunity to meet her if you like! You […]

See what paintings will be presented in the coming exhibition!

On this Monday, the 2nd of April, the exhibition ‘Het landschap’ by artist Niels Schouten will start at KunstHaar galerie/kapper. ┬áOnce again we are working together with this gallery three doors down in the same street as Dutch Accent. See here what paintings will be presented in this exhibition. On our webshop, they are already […]

New exhibition by artist Niels Schouten coming soon!

Coming soon! The external exhibition ÔÇśHet LandschapÔÇÖ by artist Niels Schouten from 02-04 to 02-06 2018 at KunstHaar galerie-kappers. The exhibition┬ástarts with an open day on Monday┬áthe 2nd of April. Artist Niels Schouten will be present at this event. Just like our previous external exhibition (Frysl├ón in Mokum by artist Dinie Boogaart), this exhibition is […]

Exhibition ‘Frysl├ón in Mokum’ starting next week

Next week on Tuesday, January┬á16th, we start the exhibition ‘Frysl├ón in Mokum’ with oil paintings┬áby artist Dinie Boogaart. Besides the continuous display of Dinie’s art at Dutch Accent Gallery, this exhibition is a collaboration with KunstHaar galerie/kapper. A location 3 doors away on┬áthe same street with plenty of room for the beautiful larger canvases curator […]