New in the webshop: Harry Stooshinoff

They arrived a while ago already… four small landscape paintings by Canadian artist Harry Stooshinoff. Now they are also available in our webshop. Find them here:

“I am both a painter and teacher. I hold a B Ed, BFA and an MFA. I have been producing artwork almost on a daily basis for over 35 years…”

“My work is both abstract and figurative, and there is no inherent contradiction between these sensibilities; one inclination supports the other…”

“It’s a big NOISY world, so I make small, quiet paintings.”


Click on the photo to see the painting in our webshop…

Harry Stooshinoff, Patches, Landscape painting,

Patches 2014

First Green, 2015, Harry Stooshinoff, Landscape painting, Canada,

First Green 2015

Harry Stooshinoff, Bean Harvest, Landscape painting, Canada,

Bean Harvest 2015

Harry Stooshinoff, Stand, Landscape painting, Canada,

Stand 2014