New exhibition by artist Niels Schouten coming soon!

Coming soon! The external exhibition ‘Het Landschap’ by artist Niels Schouten from 02-04 to 02-06 2018 at KunstHaar galerie-kappers.

The exhibition starts with an open day on Monday the 2nd of April. Artist Niels Schouten will be present at this event. Just like our previous external exhibition (Fryslân in Mokum by artist Dinie Boogaart), this exhibition is located at KunstHaar galerie/kapper. Our (almost) neighbours, 3 doors down on the same street, at Berenstraat 21.

Niels Schouten, Ton Verdegaal, Dutch artist, abstracted landscape painting,

Ton Verdegaal with artist Niels Schouten

212, Strand, Niels Schouten, abstracted seascape painting,