José van den Helder

José van den Helder is eager to learn, driven and always up to a new challenge. She loves the Dutch landscapes and paints a lot in the surrounding area of Nieuwkoop at this moment. Here you find big water features, reed beds and beautiful Dutch clouds. “You have to experience the nature, absorb it and then make a painting.” She draws her inspiration from panoramas and skies filled with colors. José plays with colors and atmosphere, where lighting is an important feature.

In 1990 during his exhibition she met Alexander Rosemeier. Rosemeier was the last living painter of the Leiden School and at that time almost 100 years old. In comparison with the painters of the Hague School, they were even more often to be found outdoors to paint ‘en plein air’. José approached the old master and asked whether he was able to teach her more about painting. Unfortunately, he was no longer able to teach, but he invited her to come to his place in Leiden. There he told her about his way of painting and provided her with advice.

After this meeting, José set up a studio for her own and put Rosemeiers’ advices into practice. She was asked for several nice projects and won multiple awards. One of her paintings was exhibited for a few weeks in Kunsthal Rotterdam during a big Hague School event. Her works are appreciated and bought by art lovers from Holland and across the borders.