Gea Koevoets

The landscape is the main theme in the work of visual artist Gea Koevoets. She often attaches herself to wide panoramic cloths with huge sizes. Sometimes she zooms into detail and creates small paintings full of vegetative structures.

Gea Koevoets, Ton Verdegaal

‘Frisian landscapes’ Koevoets calls her paintings. But she paints a Friesland like you will not find it now, so empty and untouched it looks. Her works breathe an Oracle.

The landscapes, therefore, come from within and exist only in the spirit of the artist. “I work on a cloth for as long as a landscape feels like home,” Koevoets says.

The same sensation is in her paintings with houses. With their cube shape, they are the simplest constructions you can imagine. However, for occupation they are unsuitable. They do not have doors or windows: anyone in it can not go out and who is in front of it can not get in. This makes them metaphors for concepts such as isolation, loneliness and the inability to communicate.

Landschap 7, Gea Koevoets,

Landschap 10, Gea Koevoets, Abstracted landscape painting,