Cees Vegh

Cees Vegh, Painter, Dutch landscapes,Cees Vegh began his creative career as a graphic designer but switched to fine arts after having worked for fifteen years in advertising. After studying painting under Chris Nobels and Angenelle Thijssen in the late 1990s, he became a professional artist in 2010. Since then he has been carving out his own artistic path.

About his work, he says, “I consider my representational paintings as a learning tool. In these, I am in search of serenity, but I also investigate anger, angst and joy, notions that shape my ‘inner landscape’. Serenity is a mood, a condition of equilibrium and symmetry, which provides room to analyse basic life experiences. But some days I need to take a step back so I can immerse myself in the adventure of colour and light. From these arise my recent, more abstract paintings.”

He experiences the sea, the coast, the salt marshes, the polders and the dykes as power sources that fuel his work. Both in his representational and abstract work peace, space and serenity are essential themes. While his representational paintings are often refined and subdued in mood, his willful abstract work can be exuberant and monumental, inviting the viewer to experience the landscape in a completely new way.