Marianne Y. Naerebout



Three months, after I was born in Rotterdam, we left as a family to Curaçao, not for a holiday, but my father received his permanent appointment for the Caribbean. The early years of my life are enormously influenced by the tropics. And everything that comes with it, sun, sea, beaches, palm trees, cactuses and steel bands, but above all colour and still more colour. Colour in people and their garments, colour in their homes, colour in nature and even colour in language and music. It is not strange that I am so focussed on colour; it is the main motive of my life. In the search for colour, I love to travel. With great expectations, what will I find, what will touch me.


After Curaçao, the whole family moves back to the Netherlands. I go to school and after secondary school, I finish in Rotterdam the teachers’ training college and next I study at the St. Joost Academy of the Arts in Breda.

Tropical Climate

The quest for colour still remains and I go abroad. Here I am offered a position at a school in Muscat, Oman. I will stay here for three years. Life in the Tropics gives me ample opportunity to concentrate on my art. I meet artists and make friends with to local population.

After three fairy-tale like years I move to Damascus, Syria. This town breathes an ambience that touches me deeply, although not to compare to Oman. The smell, the colourful swarming people and the interest for one another, give me the feeling of belonging. In my art, the reflection of my own development is becoming more and more visible. After five years in Damascus I successively live, for shorter periods of time, in Malaysia, Albania en the West-African country of Gabon. Again and again I experience the feeling: “There are no boundaries…not between countries, colour, feeling and adventure, everything is becoming unlimited”. These findings allow for more favour ability and vitality in my work.

Love and future

In 1997, I fell in love, left for Ft. Lauderdale, USA and then marry in Las Vegas. For ten years I work out of Ft. Lauderdale and Breda in the Netherlands. But always looking for new colours, it is once again time to expand my search.
Currently I am dividing my time between my studios in Breda (the Netherlands), Apricale (Italy) and Arusha (Tanzania). All countries that give me a lot of inspiration and where there is an abundance of colours. It is up to me to incorporate these influences into my artistic work.


I warm-heartedly support positive initiatives. In the Netherlands I am the patroness for Art Buddies. This foundation helps disadvantaged groups to discover their creative gifts. In the Karibu foundation I hold a seat in the Committee of Recommendation. This foundation is dedicated to the welfare of street kids in Rwanda.