Introduction: Stella Burggraaf

We are happy to introduce Stella Burggraaf to you. Her paintings are a nice edition to our collection and represent the Noord-Holland polder.

Stella Burggraaf at Dutch AccentMeet the artist:

In 2003 Stella graduated drawing and painting at the Ruudt Wackers Art Academy in Amsterdam. Since her graduation she started working in and around her studio in Westknollendam, which is the place where Stella lives.

At first Stella painted landscapes at location in the North of Holland. However today her wet land paintings come from memory; which is the landscape she sees every day. Stella’s paintings are not a registration of what she really sees, but they give an impression. Not-existing landscapes, which you can find everywhere in The Netherlands.

Starting point is the horizon, and around the horizon Stella creates her own image, wide and simple. Searching for the atmosphere of the wet lands and greens, divided by small waters in which the air, with typical Dutch clouds, is mirrored. The strength of her work can be found in the simple solutions that she finds to characterize the landscapes.

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