Harm Visser

websiteportretFrom a young age Harm spent a lot of time drawing. In addition, he was very early fascinated by animals and nature in general.

Harm has an eye for detail, he is looking for perfection. He used to work photographic. What you see should be there. Now he develops a more emotional interaction between the character of nature and structure of his work. The sizes are larger, but his signature is in every brushstroke. His landscapes are personally delineated and colored. The tension between lines and colors, composing, adding and especially leaving out is what he enjoys the most.

A landscapes is a play of lines. But every detail in the landscapes as well. The veins of a leaf, the feathers of a bird, the ripple in the water. “The polder is an endless source of inspiration for me. I come back every time in my studio with my heart full of impressions. I want to make visible that what touches me. “The encounter with the bird, the smell of the wind, the feeling of the moment. “The ditch is my place!”





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