Geke Steenmetz

Self portrait

Geke Steenmetz (1956) was born in Barneveld. In here youth she discovered her love for animals and landscapes. She spent lots of time at the farm of her uncles and her grandmother.

Because she always loved to draw, it wasn‚Äôt a coincidence she chose to¬†study at the¬†¬†‚ÄėGrafische School in Utrecht‚Äô and followed by the ‚ÄėKunstacademie St. Joost in Breda‚Äô.

For a long time she worked as a graphic designer. At the same time she was making ceramics. Eventually she missed working with colors, so she picked up the brush and started painting again. Geke also coached mentally handicapped adults in creativity and design at the painting studios of Abronah.

Over the past 10 years she has been fully professionally engaged in the development of her paintings and drawings. Geke makes mainly un-commissioned work, but she also got several assignments over the years. All of which are completed to the full satisfaction.

Twee Koeienkoppen - 30x40cm

Twee Koeienkoppen – 30x40cm

Geke has many themes that inspire her and encourage her to improve her paintings. Themes like portraits, nudes, seascapes, animals and landscapes, to flowers and still lifes. In Amersfoort she regularly meets with fellow painters to paint outdoors and / or paint portraits. Often a theme is being explored in periods depending on the season. Nowadays Geke paints outside (en plein air painting). This makes her style of painting more impressionistic.

She strives to capture the core of the matter. The beauty of the seasons, different times of the day, fog, morning and evening light etc. Her ability to sharply observe comes with years of painting experience. Whereby the touch of the paint becomes looser and more free.

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