Exhibition ‘Fryslân in Mokum’ starting next week

Next week on Tuesday, January 16th, we start the exhibition ‘Fryslân in Mokum’ with oil paintings by artist Dinie Boogaart. Besides the continuous display of Dinie’s art at Dutch Accent Gallery, this exhibition is a collaboration with KunstHaar galerie/kapper. A location 3 doors away on the same street with plenty of room for the beautiful larger canvases curator Ton Verdegaal has chosen for this exhibition.

Flyer, Exhibition, Fryslân in Mokum, Dinie Boogaart,Dutch Accent Gallery and KunstHaar galerie/kapper will work together in the coming period. Both independent small businesses have been located in ‘the 9 streets’ for a long time and are located at a distance of 12 meters from each other.

Dutch Accent has recently developed from small paintings with Dutch landscapes and cityscapes from qualified artists to established names with mostly larger work. Given the local developments in this area, an entrepreneur should be regularly looking ahead and established and adjusted things. After consulting with owner Jitse de Vries of KunstHaar galerie/kapper, gallery owner Ton Verdegaal developed the idea to organize 2-monthly solo exhibitions with larger work by one of Dutch Accent’s artists.

With 17 m2 of floor space, Dutch Accent clearly lacks room for initiatives like this. Especially because at all time more than 10 artists show their work at the gallery. This concept can now be maintained as KunstHaar does have the necessary space and De Vries was very enthusiastic about the idea. From an idealistic point of view, they both like to complement ‘the 9 streets’ with artistic beauty. In addition to landscapes, other topics can sometimes be shown, such as foreign subjects, people or abstract work. Both small businesses hope to ensure that this offers progress and that the cooperation adds a good interpretation to the 9 streets area.

This has led to the start of the exhibition ‘Fryslân in Mokum’ with oil paintings by Dinie Boogaart. The exhibition can be seen from 16 January to 11 March 2018.

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