Besides her paintings, we also have ceramic Delft Blue cups by Esther van der Sluis!

Esther ceramics100% handmade

Designer Esther van der Sluis creates and produces all collections in her own studio, in the Netherlands. All pieces are 100% handmade. Also for this special Delft blue ‘VOC-box’ Esther made every mug by hand, so every item is unique!

D e l f t  B l u e

The mugs are  made of porcelain with a unique Oxide Blue pattern. This oxide pigment that is used is famous because of the traditional Delfts Blue China. This typical blue pigment traditionally is painted on the porcelain. For this special VOC series the Oxide Blue pigment is applied in a contemporary and alternative way: the pigment is inked by hand inside the porcelain clay during pouring. Therefore every bowl has a unique pattern. The mugs are highly suitable as tea or coffee mug. The mugs are glazed with a transparent.

The making of..

Working with ceramics is extremely intensive, because the productionproces has so many different phases. The total production cycle of one mug is about 9 days. Creating the unique pattern with oxide blue pigment in the porcelain clay; pouring porcelain clay in the mold; drying the object; polishing off the object; stoking the object ‘biscuit’ (first stoke at 1050 oC); glazing the objects and the final high firing glazing stoke at 1260 oC.

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