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A few weeks ago someone from came by the gallery for an interview. This is the result:

Ton, Dutch Accent

Ton Verdegaal voor Dutch AccentDuring my study Cultural Work I’ve found an entrance in the arts, and that world fascinated me. When I learned to work with stained glass I started making bowls, objects and jewellery because I bought a glass oven for a nice price. But during the crisis assignments in glass declined so I started putting up paintings and presenting glass artwork of others. I started with work from Niels Schouten and slowly expanded the collection with work from other artists.

As a nature enthusiast, and with of the work of artists, I want to promote the Netherlands. I can be critical towards our country but I still love her and her landscapes. Most of the paintings that are presented here are made en plein air, that means in the heat or freezing cold as well. It gives more soul to the works and really makes a difference.

In the future I would like to have a bigger location. This is 17m2, the equivalent of a room in the red light district. People often pass without seeing the work. But regardless of my Calimero complex, I still want to be known as an authority because of my selection, concept and drive to go against the grain.

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