Sonja Brussen

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This exhibition has already ended

Exhibition ‘A view of HOLLAND’ continues. This time with en plein air painter Sonja Brussen. She will show her work at KunstHaar galerie-kappers (Berenstraat 21) from 17 Februari till 11 March. 

Opening hours are: Every Tuesday till Friday from 10h-17h and Saturday from 11h-17h.

‘A view of HOLLAND’ are exhibitions organized and curated by Ton Verdegaal from Dutch Accent.

About Sonja Brussen

A view of HOLLAND by Sonja Brussen

All of her live Sonja has been a true outdoor girl. Since her childhood nature has fascinated here in all kinds of ways. This love for nature is what she is trying to capture in her paintings. Educated by passionate teachers at the ArteZ Institute of the Arts Sonja knows how to renew herself constantly.

Since 1998 she works as a professional artist, from the beautiful Lochem in the east of the Netherlands. With an exuberant impressionistic touch she makes paintings with a unique character, preferably ‘Plein air’.


Surrounded and absorbed by the landscape she loses herself completely in her work, but if someone walks by there is always time for a chat.

Sonja is getting an increasing interest from leading galeries in the Netherlands and she has lots of followers. If you look at her paintings it is not that you get the feeling that you want to be there, but that you are already there. She invites you into her imagination and brings the impressive outside to the inside.

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