A view of HOLLAND

From July 14th until September 12th.

An exhibition of 12 Dutch painters with their view of Holland. 12 Different styles of Dutch landscape paintings on 3 locations all in 1 street. The Berenstraat in the 9-streets district in Amsterdam.

Flyer 'a view of Holland' 2014


press release (Dutch):

En plein air painting – Gineke Zikken, Hans Versfelt & Louis Visser

En plein air painting – Sonja Brussen


‘de Glaswerkplaats’ = Dutch Accent – Berenstraat 41

KunstHaar Galerie/kappers – Berenstraat 21

Lunchcafé Nielsen – Berenstraat 19

Participating artists:

Additional art:

Roerdomp 2014 (lr) 2‘Roerdomp’ by Harm Visser

Laminated Plexiglass, messing Wenge

72 x 20 x 43 cm

The exhibition: