A trip to the exhibition in Ferrandou, France

Last month I experienced a fantastic trip to Tauriac in France to attend two events of Ferrandou Musique.

Together with good friend Caroline I stayed a long weekend in de Lot (France) with my former neighbour in de Berenstraat David. His friend Matthijs organised the exhibition ‘deux artistes hollandais’ with paintings from Dutch Accent, made by Niels Schouten and Stella Burggraaf. The opening of the exhibition in their studio (on Thursday) was in combination with a great performance (on Friday) of talented musicians Kilian van Rooij and Asagi Nakata, ex-students from The Royal Acadamy London. David offers young musicians a stay in his beautiful château and supports them to a few performances around. Beside this, we also enjoyed a very nice ‘quatorze juillet’. Thank you all so much for this impressive stay!

This exhibition lasts until 09-09-2018 and has paintings by Niels Schouten and Stella Burggraaf. See the paintings available in the exhibition here in our online gallery: Exhibition Ferrandou