A message from Ton Verdegaal


A message from Ton Verdegaal. Owner of Dutch Accent.

Lots of art comes in at the moment. But also several paintings find a new owner. Therefore I like to show what was sold last sunday, a day I usually don’t work. Proud of these paintings, proud of and happy for the artists.
After some years pushing my studio, the local governement (DWI) helped me to transform my store and to change it into a new concept. I took risks, did not give up and I and my son Joeri worked hard and made many hours. It looks like it works out now and our business is getting a face.
Thank you so much Dienst Werk en Inkomen Amsterdam! And thank you Joeri (www.joeriverdegaal.nl, he calculates a fair rate), for all your back up and feedback, the website, the webshop, all kinds of social media etc.! I am very glad with the developments.