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Introduction: Stella Burggraaf

We are happy to introduce Stella Burggraaf to you. Her paintings are a nice edition to our collection and represent the Noord-Holland polder.

Stella Burggraaf at Dutch AccentMeet the artist:

In 2003 Stella graduated drawing and painting at the Ruudt Wackers Art Academy in Amsterdam. Since her graduation she started working in and around her studio in Westknollendam, which is the place where Stella lives.

At first Stella painted landscapes at location in the North of Holland. However today her wet land paintings come from memory; which is the landscape she sees every day. Stella’s paintings are not a registration of what she really sees, but they give an impression. Not-existing landscapes, which you can find everywhere in The Netherlands.

Starting point is the horizon, and around the horizon Stella creates her own image, wide and simple. Searching for the atmosphere of the wet lands and greens, divided by small waters in which the air, with typical Dutch clouds, is mirrored. The strength of her work can be found in the simple solutions that she finds to characterize the landscapes.

Find Stella’s paintings in our webshop

Introduction: Marianne Y. Naerebout

Ceramics, 5 screen prints and 5 art objects.

See the work of Marianne in our webshop

Meet the artist: Marianne Y. Naerebout

Text: naerebout.nl

Naerenbout-PortretThree months, after I was born in Rotterdam, we left as a family to Curaçao, not for a holiday, but my father received his permanent appointment for the Caribbean. The early years of my life are enormously influenced by the tropics. And everything that comes with it, sun, sea, beaches, palm trees, cactuses and steel bands, but above all colour and still more colour. Colour in people and their garments, colour in their homes, colour in nature and even colour in language and music. It is not strange that I am so focussed on colour; it is the main motive of my life. In the search for colour, I love to travel. With great expectations, what will I find, what will touch me.

Introduction: Peter de Rijcke

New at Dutch Accent: Peter de Rijcke. Last week he brought 5 colorful Amsterdam cityscapes.

About Peter de Rijcke:

peterderijcke24mei2009zaankleinwebPeter de Rijcke (1945) studied during the second half of the 1960s at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, and besides followed a year of figure drawing at the State Academy of Fine Arts. He resides in the historic harbour town of Hoorn since 1972, and over the years has developed a singular style in painting landscape, city and harbour scenes, and portraits. In preparation of his work Peter de Rijcke sometimes uses the possibilities offered by digital photography and the computer, but he also works from nature. Ultimately, for him, the essence of painting and drawing lies in the classic process of craftsmanship of seeing, interpreting and executing manually. The mediums he applies are oils or acrylics on canvas, watercolour and gouache. His favourite painting haunts are the harbour areas of Amsterdam and Hoorn, the banks of the river Amstel, the coasts of the IJsselmeer, the Wadden Sea and Normandy. In 2010 he spent three weeks working in situ with Chinese artists in de vicinity of Shanghai.

In 1969 he debuted in Galerie Sergej in Amsterdam and has since exhibited widely in the Netherlands and abroad. His work was showed in the C.J. Tung Maritime Museum in Shanghai and the Jiangnan Museum of Art in Wuxi (China); in the Snug Harbor Cultural Center, NYC and the Mystic Maritime Gallery (USA); the Kunsthalle Wilhelmshaven (Germany); the marine museums of Amsterdam and Rotterdam, Pulchri Studio in The Hague, the Northern Shipping Museum in Groningen and the Westfries Museum in Hoorn.

Peter de RijckePeter de Rijcke was the author of monographs on sculptor Truus Menger, artist Ton van Kesteren and wrote the exhibition catalogue text for J.C. Stoffels 1878ñ1952 (Drents Museum, Assen 2002). He was also editor of Weerspiegeld, the book about the Society of Dutch Marine Painters.
He is on the board of the Dutch Society of Marine Painters.

Introduction: Margreet Boonstra

A new artist joined the Gallery! Dutch Accent has now 4 paintings of Margreet Boonstra.

About Margreet:

Margreet Boonstra portretMargreet Boonstra is a painter who stands out for painting with a clearly recognizable handwriting. She finished her classical training at Arts Academy Minerva in Groningen in 1994 and since 1998 belongs to the Northern realists group. The last years creates her work especially outside in order to preserve the atmosphere of the moment and the need get as close as possible to the subject. In the paintings you recognize the desire to harness the power of the moment.

Comment Rembrandt Painting Award juror André Groeneveld: “Boonstra is a painter with beautiful Dutch work: Typical skies, Dutch northern light. In short: Beautiful atmospheric work. ‘ Light and air, those are the great sorcerers ‘, says Jan Hendrik Weissenbruch. ‘ We need to get it from above’ A real outdoor plein air painter. In wind and weather out to the moment “(Noordwijk painters festival 2011)”

Find the Oil paintings of Margreet Boonstra in our Online Gallery

Introduction: Coba & Walter

We are very happy to introduce to you:

Coba Martens & Walter Stoelwinder

Ton Verdegaal has invited this couple to exhibit work in the gallery:

Coba Martens (1956) was born in Drenthe on the Hondsrug. She moved to Friesland when she was twenty where she lived and worked for 25 years. After a 10 year adventure in France, she now lives with her husband, not far from the Dutch/German border in the Teutoburg Forest.

This environment, with many birds and animals, give her the inspiration to paint. Birds are her favorite subjects, especially Europe’s forest, meadow and water birds. The paintings are characterized by an Impressionist style of painting and a realistic portayal of the subject.

Walter Stoelwinder (1948) was born in Friesland, where he grew up and has long been working as a photographer for businesses and individuals. Currently, he is engaged in free photography and painting.

After several years living and working in France, he now lives with his wife not far from the Dutch/German border. From here he goes regularly to the Netherlands to paint or to take photographs. His favorite subjects are landscapes and cityscapes. Walter’s paintings are realistic with an impressionistic style of painting.


Their work is also available in our webshop

Introduction: Ineke Mahieu

foto 1

We are very happy to introduce to you a new artist: Ineke Mahieu!

Ineke Mahieu grew up in The Hague, near the coast. Besides her work as an author of historical children books, she has painted all here life.  She works in the tradition of the Dutch Impressionists  of the 19th century and loves to paint outdoors. Almost daily she puts her painting gear on her bike en cycles to the beach and the dunes to work ‘en plein air’.

‘Painting in the open air is challeging, over en over again. Everytime I’m out there with my easel, I ask myself: what is the essence and the spirit of this landscape? What fascinates me about what I see and how do I capture the beauty of this view in my painting? For me that’s what it is all about: showing the beauty of the Dutch landscape in my paintings.’

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