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Paintings by Louis Visser

Dutch Accent represents the artworks by Louis Visser.

The paintings are oil on paper, glued to panel. The sizes are 24 x 32 cm. If you are interested in one of the paitings please contact us by mail (info@dutch-accent.nl) or telephone (+31204202120/+31618462934).

New paintings by Leo van der Vlist

We have 5 new paintings by Leo van der Vlist:

Leo van der Vlist at Dutch AccentLeo came from Bodegraven to Amsterdam to deliver the paintings in person. We got all of Leo’s favorit themes: Cows, Windmill, Dutch skies, Westertoren and a seascape. As a try-out we have one bigger painting this time. ‘Strandgezicht Met Wolkenstraat’ is 40 x 50 cm, so relatively larger than the size we usually get from him.

Find the new paintings here in our webshop: http://dutch-accent.nl/product-category/leo-van-der-vlist/


New work by Hugo Kaagman

Our webshop is getting bigger and bigger.

Yesterday we updated our Hugo Kaagman page. We added several new canvases (limited editions & unica) and three ceramic coasters with cork backside.

Find them here… 

Introduction: Margreet Boonstra

A new artist joined the Gallery! Dutch Accent has now 4 paintings of Margreet Boonstra.

About Margreet:

Margreet Boonstra portretMargreet Boonstra is a painter who stands out for painting with a clearly recognizable handwriting. She finished her classical training at Arts Academy Minerva in Groningen in 1994 and since 1998 belongs to the Northern realists group. The last years creates her work especially outside in order to preserve the atmosphere of the moment and the need get as close as possible to the subject. In the paintings you recognize the desire to harness the power of the moment.

Comment Rembrandt Painting Award juror André Groeneveld: “Boonstra is a painter with beautiful Dutch work: Typical skies, Dutch northern light. In short: Beautiful atmospheric work. ‘ Light and air, those are the great sorcerers ‘, says Jan Hendrik Weissenbruch. ‘ We need to get it from above’ A real outdoor plein air painter. In wind and weather out to the moment “(Noordwijk painters festival 2011)”

Find the Oil paintings of Margreet Boonstra in our Online Gallery

New paintings Niels Schouten

Ton Verdegaal with artist Niels Schouten

Ton Verdegaal with artist Niels Schouten

Five new paintings arrived last week from one of our artists since day one:

Niels Schouten

See the new arrivals here:


Webshop update: Hugo Kaagman

hugokaagmanNew in the Dutch Accent Gallery webshop:

Hugo Kaagman

Now also available in our webshop. Hugo Kaagman. The famous spray paint artist adds the Delft blue to the collection. On the webshop you will find 5 artworks, spray paint on canvas, 20 x 20 cm. All a €100,- per canvas.

Find them in our webshop!



Introduction: Geke Steenmetz

Last saturday Geke Steenmetz visited Dutch Accent to drop off 7 beautiful paintings. Luckily Ton decided to work yesterday (a sunday). Now there are only 6 paintings left of Geke, because 1 is already sold. Ermelose Heide.

Geke steenmetz-SoldOn Facebook Ton wrote: “This charming lady saved my afternoon. Except a few nice chats it was 0.00 in a crowded street but no one interested in art. Till she spotted this not even installed painting by Geke Steenmetz. Thanks Geke!”

Meet the artist Geke Steenmetz here

And find here work in our webshop here

Webshop update: Glass birds

See the full range of glass birds in our webshop:


Standing birds: €31,50

Flying birds: €33,50 (Objects are easy to hang and delivered including fishing wire)

  • Brown owl
  • Kingfisher
  • Sparrow
  • Great tit
  • Magpie
  • Crested lark
  • Seagull
  • Robin
  • White wagtail


Introduction: Ineke Mahieu

foto 1

We are very happy to introduce to you a new artist: Ineke Mahieu!

Ineke Mahieu grew up in The Hague, near the coast. Besides her work as an author of historical children books, she has painted all here life.  She works in the tradition of the Dutch Impressionists  of the 19th century and loves to paint outdoors. Almost daily she puts her painting gear on her bike en cycles to the beach and the dunes to work ‘en plein air’.

‘Painting in the open air is challeging, over en over again. Everytime I’m out there with my easel, I ask myself: what is the essence and the spirit of this landscape? What fascinates me about what I see and how do I capture the beauty of this view in my painting? For me that’s what it is all about: showing the beauty of the Dutch landscape in my paintings.’

See the art of Ineke mahieu in our webshop