Bairbre Duggan

Bairbre Duggan

To make a painting you need a starting point. Mine is always in the real world: people, places and often flowers.  My work is inspired by painters past and present, and I am constantly brought back to the easel by the complex process of looking, flexing my perceptual muscles, and the balancing act required to bring a work to a state where I can say it’s finished.

Living in Holland for the past 17 years I have gotten used to the way that flowers are an intrinsic part of the culture. In my flower studies I celebrate this, their bright colours, their fragility and simplicity. Flowers give so much pleasure to us as humans, and what I do is a humble attempt to express this pleasure.

Bairbre’s work hangs in private collections worldwide. She also carries out portrait commissions, exhibits regularly in Holland and Ireland, and takes part in selected international painting festivals. She trained at the Wackers Academie, Amsterdam and also holds a Masters in History of Art (Trinity College, Dublin).

“Painting is a mixture of poetry, gambling and surgery” – Richard Diebenkorn.

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