About Dutch Accent

The most artful shop for gifts & souvenirs in Amsterdam

Ton Verdegaal with artist Niels Schouten

Ton Verdegaal with artist Niels Schouten

Quality and Beauty is our inspiration

Dutch Accent is a store/gallery with art, exclusive gifts & souvenirs located in the 9 streets. A famous shopping district in the centre of Amsterdam.

Among the artworks offered are paintings of Dutch places and scenes in different styles, from abstract landscapes to realism. There are also objects and glass art by Dutch artists as well as a host of other hand made products.


The history:

The beginning – de Glaswerkplaats

The location

The location

In the beginning of 2002  Ton Verdegaal started ‘de Glaswerkplaats’ in the 9 streets. A shopping district in the centre of Amsterdam. de Glaswerkplaats was basically a studio for his stained glass work. He started a few years earlier with making stained glass windows at home. With the opening of the small store/workplace (18 m2) in 2002 a new chapter began.

Besides making/repairing stained glass windows for people, Ton started selling the glass art he made. Earlier he had learned the technique of glass fusion and he bought a glass oven. He started experimenting with different styles and he found his in the American hard edge painters, especially Barnett Newman. Also the work of Mark Rothko was a big inspiration. Besides his own work, Ton Verdegaal recognized talent in other people. He started inviting artists to display their work at de Glaswerkplaats.

For a long time this concept was a great succes. Locals and tourists found an interest in the unique vibe of the store with its unique content. More important for de Glaswerkplaats was that there was a lot of work with stained glass windows. People spent more money on their house, so there were more renovations. Also the 9 streets area changed from local business owners to bigger brands.

Click here for the last Glass art made by Dutch Accent owner Ton Verdegaal. For sale at Kunstcentrum Zaanstad.


Concept change – A View of Holland

Affiche 'A view of Holland'

Affiche ‘A view of Holland – 2014’

In 2014 the concept of de Glaswerkplaats started changing. Ton stopped making stained glass windows and glass art. He sold his workplace materials. He wanted it to be a store. A store where, for example, a tourist can find a special souvenir. He called this exclusive gifts & souvenirs. He put a lot of energy in finding the best artists for his store to make a well balanced collection of paintings, glass art, and anything he thought would fit.

An example of what Dutch Accent was going to be, was the exhibition A View of Holland. 12 Painters showed their view of Holland in different styles. This all was exposed over three shops in one street. de Glaswerkplaats, KunstHaar galerie-kappers and Lunchcafé Nielsen. It was a succes and gave Ton the courage to move on with the concept of Dutch Accent.

A new start – Dutch Accent

Since the beginning of 2015 de Glaswerkplaats officially continued as Dutch Accent. The small store is totally renovated. All to make it a store instead of a studio. It is now a small gallery with a lot of paintings. Well arranged and well exhibited. de Glaswerkplaats is also a little present with glass art from different artists. Dutch Accent will continue to look for talent that represents the Dutch culture and/or dutch landscapes. Souvenirs that can define a trip to Holland, or a gift to anyone that has a special feeling with Holland.